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***** 1/12/12 Thu My site was disabled for the past three weeks due to a cease-and-desist order from the latest holder of the "accuratings" trademark. After being contacted, the holder quickly and graciously gave permission to continue using the AccuRatings name, with the disclaimer now on the main page. 1/18/11 Tue I am sorry for those who could not download my web pages between noon Friday and noon today. My host,, explains that the problem was caused by AT&T when they attempted to block one phishing site and instead blocked up to 50 million sites from access by various ISP's who use their internet routers. It was compounded by AT&T being unable to respond over a weekend to nearly constant requests to fix their mistake. I have used as a free host for over a year, and it had never been down for any substantial length of time (unlike my previous hosts, AOL Hometown and Yahoo! Geocities). I am convinced that did all they could, and that the fault lies entirely with AT&T and their client ISP's who have to initiate the repair requests. Thank you, AT&T. 9/25/10 Sat I posted this week's ratings at 1 AM. I am now caught up, and things can return to normal. (That means waking up at 4 AM to mark a 15K race course!) 9/21/10 Tue The good folks at First Advantage Data Recovery Services worked a small miracle and salvaged my spreadsheets, mostly intact. Just as miraculous, they appear to be compatible with newer versions of Works and Excel. I am working overtime to catch up the AccuRatings by the end of this week. Again, I am amazed that my NFL AccuRatings ranks #1 out of 59 systems on Todd Beck's Prediction Tracker with a 23-9 straight-up record after two weeks, using only last season's final ratings. Pre-season adjustments thus seem to be unnecessary, although I normally factor in pre-season games. 9/14/10 Tue My trusty Win95 computer of almost 15 years was officially pronounced dead. The hard drive is now in data recovery, which means an uncertain future for AccuRatings, and no updates for at least another week. Amazingly, my week-2 NCAA predictions were pretty good even though they did not include week-1 games. Out of 55 systems on Todd Beck's Prediction Tracker, AccuRatings ranked 2nd both straight-up and ATSW, and 1st on both absolute error and mean square error. I guess this means week-1 outcomes in college games are irrelevant to predicting week-2 performances! 9/11/10 Sat My computer is still in repair. Last week I did manually generate approximate pre-season NCAA ratings, but that was all. So please just use last year's final NFL ratings and the pre-season NCAA ratings for this week's predictions. 9/02/10 Thu My pre-season NCAA ratings are now posted. I apologize for the delays. 9/01/10 Wed My computer malfunctioned last night and I lost almost everything, unless and until it can be repaired. So I am trying to manually calculate rough pre-season ratings. *****